I am a 43 year old male,  been suffering from ibs  for last 10 years.  I was managing it with exercise and diet control upto last year.  But last year I developed ankle pain which was diagnosed as sinus tarsi syndrome which didn’t go with medication hence took a corticosteroids injection.  Since then ankle pain disappeared but started with headaches.  So doctor prescribed Flunarin and Copland.  I took it for a month.  Then I started having pain in the anus and stomach  after passing stool with panic attacks.  I was admitted and diagnosed with Erosive Gastritis and duodenitis.  Underwent treatment for 2 weeks.  But my condition didn’t  improve.  Then met a Psychiatrist who advised Zaptra  25,  daily one.  Since then I am feeling better.  But in the mornings I still have this problem of uncontrollable defamation feeling with constipation.  After defecating feels pain the anus region and stomach and feels uneasy for around a hour. I HAVE TWO 10 Year OLD DAUGHTERS CAN I SURVIVE FOR ANOTHER 10 years TO TAKE CAR OF THEM. 

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