An Invitation to Participate in a Special Awareness Effort

If you are interested in participating in Turning Inside Out – The Art of IBS, or want additional information, call IFFGD toll free at 1-888-964-2001.

Please contact to us from contact form.

If you will be donating a work of art, we will arrange for shipping. Remember, we will need your name, address and contact information for our internal use.

We will also appreciate your sending us a brief biography telling us something about you and your art. You will have the option, however, of having your name attributed to your work or remaining anonymous for publication. 

It is with great anticipation that we await your own personal expression, or a work submitted on your behalf. Thank you.

Advocate for change

capital hill day 2

What it means to be an advocate – someone who speaks out and works with others to create meaningful, positive change. Let your voice be heard.

Taking Action for Digestive Health

The Functional GI and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act

Make Your Voice Heard