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I had ibs constipation from a child, I’m 47 I am usually home bound, bed bound, some times I’ll be ok for a while, I can’t go without enemas. I feel embarrassed. I’m glad I live alone. But if it’s really bad I go to my mums and she looks after me.
Usually I cant sleep till 5 or 7 in the morning because of pain and discomfort.
Celery juice did wonders for a while but after 5 months stopped working.
I’m trying slippery elm helping some, I tried plant based diet but only helped a little. Stress seems to be the main trigger. When I cant sleep I like to read other peoples experiences it comforts me I’m not alone. I pray and God gives me endurance.
I try to remember that Better times always come and to keep my hope alive .
In the near future Isaiah 33:24 says “No resident will say I am sick”
Hugs to any one needing it 

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