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Made for more than IBS
I hope my story will inspire you to want more – and get it.
I suffered with IBS for some 25 years. I tried everything I could, but over time the pain, bloating and food intolerance got worse – and worse.
I felt I was letting down my kids, my husband, and I had lost my job.
One day I made a solid decision. I just HAD to find a way out.
There was just no fun, spontaneity or fulfillment in my life any more.
It took me over 3 years, but to my great surprise I actually did reverse my IBS symptoms.
All the symptoms, food intolerance, poop problems – ALL of it has gone. (no meds or diets)
I had to learn how my IBS worked and why I had it. And then work backwards.
So if you hear that it can’t be done and feel resigned and deprived, know that it can.
You can.

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