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my story of my life started with ibs,then very painful spasms of pain and diarrhoea up to twenty times a day , after two children . i then had multiple surgery non bowel related ,gall bladder,hysterectomy etc the intense pain eased …then my energy levels sank, food no longer seemed to be doing anything .. then pain everywhere crept in even sitting on a chair hurt.
i was then diagnosed as vit d and b12 deficient ,
over the next two yr s my energy levels have drop t even some days to go upstairs is exhausting, i fill up with pain and sleep loads. (overwhelming comatose feeling)
earlier last yr at a friends wedding i collapsed in the toilets in agony in my lower left side of my stomach,
i awoke to be told i had a stoke (ischemic colitis) and provided infection didn’t set in ,and kill me ,i would be left with ongoing complications! ( shock to me this is not ibs!!).my bowel isnt moving as it should ,causing constipation.
since then i am terrified they are unable to find the cause of lack of movement and i have been in hospital multiple times dehydrated.
they rehydrate me and off i go again.
has anyone else experienced this?? i am told it is very rare , i am only 42 and this is an exhausting scary condition.

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