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I am a healthy 56 year old man that struggled with moderate IBS for years – being a little kid and having to leave a baseball game and run home to having to walk off stage while playing in a band. When I was around 25-30, I began to manage it. I knew (some) of the food triggers, I ate less overall, etc. Episodes became less frequent. When I was in my early 40s, I worked at as a cook in a luncheonette for a brief period of time. I ate more ice cream, chocolate and BLTs than I had in the past. Nothing crazy, but enough to have my episodes revert to at least once a week. I started eating better and began taking Digestive Advantage IBS pills and that seemed to calm everything down. Not sure if the pills had anything to do with it, but I’m still taking them! Anyway, THIS IS “OH WOW” MOMENT: About 2 years ago – after not having a medical check up for a few years – my doctor told me I had severe hypothyroidism. I started taking medication. My thyroid numbers became normal and some great stuff happened – I was able to eat more and not gain weight, my dry sky issue vanished, etc. The #1 change was IBS seemed to disappear. I have not had one episode (ZERO) since I started taking the thyroid medication. I don’t know if there are any studies on this. I just decided to post this today and maybe start looking around on-line. Good luck to everyone with IBS…

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