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After 50 years of dealing with IBS may I suggest the following:
What to do when IBS attacks in rush hour traffic.
Prepare an emergency toilet kit and place it in your car. Some people include clean underware and pants.
Emergency toilet kit
Metal bed pan with absorbent bed pan liners (Walmart)
2 bed pads (doggie pee pads work well)
TP and a small package of baby wipes or adult wipes
Small hand sanitizer
Small air freshener
1 small trash can liner
1. Pull off the road to a safe and private spot. Turn off the car and apply the break.
2. Grab your emergency car toilet kit and move your car seat back.
+This is a good time to ask passengers to “take a short walk” if the area is safe.
3. Place one absorbent bed pad on the seat and backrest to aid in clean up.
4. Position your pre-lined bed pan against the back of the seat.
5. Slide down pants and underware and sit on the bed pan.
6. Cover yourself with the second absorbent bed pad
7. Relieve yourself and wait for the absorbent material to control liquid
8. Wipe as needed with TP and wipes.
9. Slide the bedpan to passenger seat and return clothes to their normal position
while covered with the bed pad.
10. Roll absorbent materials and place in a small trash bag for disposal.
11. Clean your hands with sanitizer wipes. Spritz car lightly with air freshener or air out the car
before passengers re-enter.
12. Dispose of soiled materials and refresh your emergency car toilet kit when you go home.
For good psychological health remember that this happens to thousands of people every day. Congratulate yourself for having a great emergency plan.

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