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I am 26 and was diagnosed with irritable bowel at the age of 8, it was braught on by severe stress and chronic constipation when my brother was still born. I get constant cramps, day and night and can cry because the pain is so intense, I can go weeks without emptying my bowels and then become the opposite for days/ after. When I do go it can be very painful and take up to an hour. I have three young children and an epileptic husband and my ibs complicates our already stressful life. At school I was severely bullied due to absences and frequent bathroom breaks and anxiety from this put me in years of counselling. I also get hot sweats and severe agonising trapped wind, this is sometimes relived by having a long bath,I have suffered with GERD from birth and was hospitalised for frequent projectile vomiting, this carried on into early childhood, I can remember sat on the carpet at story time and others looking at me and laughing at the noises my stomach made, it is so loud it can be heard by others over the phone, I have very painful, reflux and heartburn and i am often up through the night. I have tried medications and diet control for both but little helps, sometimes I am housebound for weeks at a time due to the anxiety and pain. I can not lie down properly as the reflux is so severe I vomit and have slept propped up since newborn, both conditions have worsened since my pregnancies and especially following my 3rd baby who was born via c-section. Life can be pretty grim! But I am here, fighting and will continue to for my girls and husband and for me!

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