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I am a 70 year old woman who was diagnosed with IBS-D about 25 years ago, though I think I had mild symptoms for 15 years before that. Since then, I have gone through many different treatments and approaches, and have visited numerous doctors and practitioners. Some things worked for a while, but then stop working and I am back looking for the “miracle” cure… and everytime something stops working, the symptoms, especially the diarrhea gets worse.
I have taken Imodium, Bentyl, Levsin, Lomotil, Xanax, Donatal, Desipremine, Questran, psyllium, Citrucel, raw Chinese Herbs, prepackaged herbs, Pepto Bismol, peppermint capsules, homeopathic remedies, glutamine, probiotics, vitamin b, fish oil, and several combination supplements prescribed by a naturopath. I have seen an acupunturist, several GI specialists, a chiroprator, a Chinese herbalist, a homeopath. I have tried a low FODMAP diet, a dairy-free and gluten-free diet. I have stayed away from any raw foods, and from fruits and vegetables. I am now so discouraged as nothing is currently working and I keep on having diarrhea. I take Imodium to stop the diarrhea but I dont want to take it regularly because after a while, it stops working. My husband and I are going on two trips to Europe this summer and I really worry about being to eat out and being out all day. I hope that I can take Imodium every day and that it will work for the time that I am away. I am trying another doctor this month to see if I can get all those breath and motility tests. Also, has anyone heard of the Genova tests for food intolerances?

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