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I have IBS, I have had it for many years. I recently also had my gaulblatter removed, this made the IBS worse. I have found something that has changed my life. I could never eat out. I would be stuck in the bathroom with gas and diarea before my meal was done. I now take packets of metamusal with me.
I drink a 1/2 a glass of water with 2 packets in it just before I eat any meat, dairy anything that might remotely upset my stomach. I will have no problems eating the meal with the metamusal. I use to have to run home and hope I make it. I could not take a walk after any meal. I was afraid I would be to far from a bathroom. I could not go anywhere with friends if I had eaten that day. It’s embarrassing to always be on the lookout for a restrooms. My friends spend 1/2 of our time together waiting for me to come out of a restroom.
Try the metamusal with the meal it works for me.

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