48 yrs old & @ work when I had my 1st attack, I couldn’t leave the stall. Someone came in & got my mgr. She freaked when I told her I couldn’t finish the day. It had already been 2 hours, and I had lost track of time. Pain 10 out of 10, chills, sweat, lasted 8 hrs! No warning. Next attack 1 yr later, same symptoms, thought maybe food poisoning. 3rd attack 1 yr later, should I call 911, no, can’t imagine trying to leave the toilet, or having to involve someone else. Still 8 hrs of agony. Dr “it’s your anti malaria meds, don’t take them on an empty stomach.” Happy happy joy joy problem solved, NOT!! Time between symptoms 6 mos, 3 mos, 1 mo, 1 week. New Dr. “you have IBS, anti cramp meds as needed, tranquilizer @ bedtime.” Now I’m 60, & I have Lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, hypothyroid, and still it’s the IBS that has changed my life. I’m unreliable. Cancel at the last minute too often. Drove an hour for a get together, sped past all the cars @ valet parking yelling back at the attendant “emergency” as I ran to the bathroom. Left my phone in the car. Finally ask for help, it’s been 5 hours. They have 1 room left, $429.00 ++ or lay on the floor in the public bathroom, I slipped my credit card under the door. They got my phone, my valet parking ticket, checked me in, & supplied a wheel chair! THANK YOU! All that $, no fun, all those meds, no relief. Wondering if this really is IBS, cause most of the post here sound very different from mine. Misery loves company, is anyone else having symptoms like mine?

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