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Im 47 y.o woman,stil having menstruation.My problems started somewhere in June 2020.My belly got swallen,painful,i couldnt go to wc for 3 or 4 days,the stool very dry,small like pebbels,mucus and blowting. There are some weeks that feel better,but thus June,2021 i went to emergency for intestinal obstruction.They made me x-ray,blood tests,barium test of the colon bcuz i cannot be put under full anastesia bcuz of my anastesia allergy,proven with tests. Doctors told me You are a healthy woman.Just dont allow to happen again. So went home and strated following the diet they offered.Everything was ok,since this week(25 July 2021…). Having the same belly-painful,not able to go to wc,tried bisacodyl-not working.Then i took 250 ml mannitol and i cleaned my intestines. Now,3 days after that im again constipated.The problem starts right after my meal.Its alwats the same! Im scared ,do not know what exactly happens to me. Is it IBS-C,or something else that docs missed…Dont know what to think.I rely on that that they made all to exclude infection,or surgery emergency.My blood tests,x rays and barium test showed nothing to worry about.

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