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Hello to all. I came here to find similar stories to mine, to find hope and maybe solutions for intermittent chronic constipation, as I call it. From my first memories, I recall screaming and crying because I didn’t want to do a number 2. My colon always hurt and I would let everyone know! On and off throughout my life, I have had sever bouts of constipation. The longest I went without a bowel movement was one month, maybe 5 years ago. Well, now, I have not had one for approximately 17 to 18 days. I cannot understand why I haven’t because I eat good food and drink mostly water. I’m in incredible pain and discomfort, I have seen two different gastroenterologists about this. Both told me they believed I have IBS. The medicine Linzess was prescribed, and I cannot take that every day. I have done very well with zero problems for the year of 2022. I think being moved to night shift at work totally upset my routine that I had going. I feel like this time, I’m in more pain than the last major constipation. I’ve tried Miralax, my Linzess, Dulcolax, drank a lot of coffee and even more water, had 3 enemas in 2 days and nothing but water shooting out. I did go to my family doctor today and an x-ray was done, showing a lot of stool but zero blockages or a strangulation. So, why then will nothing move my bowels? It is night time and if I haven’t had a bowel movement by morning, I am going to the hospital. I wish the best for everyone.

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