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Hi everyone, my name is Jorge and I currently live in north Georgia. About a week ago during one of my frustrations, I stumbled upon this website. And I am just astonished at the story’s and even though I know that GI problems are very occurrent in a lot of people’s lives, reading these story’s I can see very vivid images of what al of you are going through. The reason that I ended up here is because I have had GI problems since I was 10. I am currently 19 and am a college student.

  When I was 10 I found out that I had a rectum prolapse, and the way I found out was by showing my mom and dad because i thought it was normal for some odd reason. Since then I have had 4 rectum prolapse surgery because the first 3 failed and gave me more and more problems. Thankfully the last surgery was the one. But where I am still struggling is that after my 3rd surgery I have had very bad constipation, bloating, vomiting, cramps, fever, and body debilitation. 

  So currently I am taking stimulant laxatives every 4th day and as all of you may be living through the exact same thing, some stimulant laxatives cause a lot of cramping, dehydration, nausea, and bloating due to the retention of water. And for most of you wondering I have tried almost every natural supplement, over the counter, and prescription drug and dulcolax is the only thing that helps me. I’ve also tried diets, gluten free, low fodmap diet, exercise, heavy exercise, and nothing works. 

And also after my last surgery I have really bad pains in my stomach and lower body area due to the incisions and nerves. So all of this kind of frustrates me but I try to hold my head up high knowing that I don’t have a feeding tube, knowing that I don’t have a colostomy bag (in which doctors insist that this is my only option) and that I can also eat. There are always people going through worse so I try to make the best of myself each day. I am currently trying to go to mayo clinic since it seems like the place to be for my history. All I want is a doctor who is not arrogant and who can sympathize with me and my issues. Wether he or she can help me or not it is very heartwarming when a doctor does whatever they can. Thank you to all the people who are writing these story’s to help us cope and to give us hope that we will get better and also to do the most with what holds us back.

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