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I’m Kasandra, I’ve been fighting IBS mixed off and on since I was a kid. Im now 25 years old, currently in the middle of the second worst flare ever. I don’t even have to eat anything out of the ordinary to get smacked by an attack that leaves me crippled for weeks, where even the most bland foods seem to get expelled right through me. I had to miss work and I just feel so defeated because of how awful the pain is in the lower colon area, I will have bout of pain in my belly area followed by a severe urgency to have a BM sensation, then when I get to the toilet little to nothing comes out, but my colon just keeps spasming and pushing as if it’s trying to expel itself causing tons of hemorrhoids and the pain is just unbelievable, afterwards I have to lay with a heat pad and wait for the next brutal attack. Sometimes I get a break and have lots of D that passes pretty painlessly but I have to get to a toilet NOW. The most I’ve had to use the toilet in one day was probably over 30 times. I have a prescription medicine for this condition that doesn’t appear to be working anymore. After a few weeks of this horrible suffering where I can barely walk, I go through a period of constipation where I have to strain as hard as I can to pass rock hard little rabbit pebble like stools, causing massive bloating and gas. This really sucks and I can truly empathize with all of you, this condition can literally ruin your life sometimes.

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