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I am 53 years old be 54 March 8th, 2022. I had my first episode of IBS with diaherea having dinner with friends at a restaurant. I didn’t know it was IBS thought it was because of my gall bladder being removed the fried chicken upset my belly. I then had another occurrence on a different night we all went for supper. The last episode was on a 4th of July get together 2021. I spent majority of the time in the bathroom then enjoying the holiday. My best friend brought it to my attention that she believed I have IBS and it’s nothing to do with not having a gall bladder. Out of the blue while at home I had cramps that felt like contractions. I was in so much pain I made a appointment with my doctor. I was officially diagnosed with IBS. I either have the diaherea for a month with my bowel movements yellow (sorry maybe tmi) then back to normal bowel movements or I go constipated. Been awhile since I had a flareup and found myself not making it 45 minutes away to my doctor instead to the ER on 2-18-22 because the cramps were that bad!! I was there 4 hours getting tests done and IV fluid to help with nausea. Come to find out I am extremely constipated which totally surprised me because I have been having normal bowel movements. Here I am back on Bently to help ease the cramping (which it works) however the side effect of Bentyl makes me feel high, sleepy and thirsty. On top of BPD, depression, anxiety, mood swings, Fibromyalgia, and arthritis now IBS with severe constipation or diaherea not to mention also feeling like a time bomb of letting out major gas and some are painful. I take Fiber chewable gummies everyday (3) Still no bowel movement so I then drank that yucky powder laxative and finally was able to have 2 small bowel movements the next day late afternoon but no more bowel movements since. I do eat one meal a day between 5 and 6pm forcing myself to eat because I’m not hungry. Reading other posts on IBS is nice to know I’m not alone and definitely can relate to some of your experiences. Ugh these cramps hurt even taking Bentyl!! To bad with all the gas I have I can’t fill up my truck!! (Hahaha)

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