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I have had a long struggle with IBS most of my life. I am now 72 years old and this is a disorder that gets worse as you get older. My IBS has now been complicated with diverticulosis and adhesions in my bowel and diabetes. I just found out from the gi specialist another thing contributing to my IBS, a gammopsthy blood disorder where I have abnormal proteins in my blood. I have to control my diet very carefully do avoid ibsd. On top of everything else I had a cdiff infection in my gut that was very hard to get rid of until my doctor hit on the right antibiotic. For a long time I was really upset about the problems I am having with IBS, but I decided I am just making it worse getting upset and anxious. This is a challenge God has given me and I have the courage to know how to deal with it and stay as active as I can physically and socially.

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