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I have UC plus IBS-D. The UC is being controlled with infusions, but IBS-D causes lots of loose stools after an evening meal. Immodium helps but it plugs me up @ the same time! W/out it, I have eight loose stools after a small salad or even an egg. Steamed vegetables are also out. I’m happy tonite after trying an organic butter lettuce salad. No poops! But I’ll have to take a vegetable laxative tonite so I can go in AM! So much back and forth. I also ordered an IBS cookbook and will share it’s title after I get it. I’m confused about bacterial overgrowth in my gut. My Dr. wants to prescribe XiFaxin but it’s $700 for 2 weeks after insurance. Has anyone tried it? It’s a gut directed antibiotic. He’s doing an endoscopy and colonoscopy in March to check it all out. I’m scared and don’t think he’ll find anything. Has to be done in hospital. Can anyone relate to any of this? Thanks. Maria.

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