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For over fifteen years I suffered from what had been diagnosed as IBS. Three colonoscopies and lots of blood and stool tests revealed nothing out of the usual but I was at my wit’s end coping with cramping, pain, irregular bowel movements, urgency, discharge and diarrhea. I went through dozens of probiotics and found the most useful to be BIO-K for IBS but even that, after a while, failed to cure the problem. Then, co-incidentally I started taking BERBERIN a natural supplement, used in Chinese medicine for cholesterol at doses of 500 mg. twice a day. Immediately there was an amazing improvement which has continued over the month. Gone was the pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, discharge leakage and painful early morning cramping! I just wanted to share this with many of you still suffering from IBS. As far as I am concerned since taking BERBERIN I no longer have this problem and am more normal than I’ve ever been. AMAZING!

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