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Hello everyone
I have suffered from nausea and ibs d 10 years ago and recently started again. My symtoms mainly nausea and weight loss due to not eating because of the nausea. Both times after a d & v bug lasting about a year. I have had every test going which are very unpleasant and doctors seem to try and help symtoms not causes. Both times the only thing that helps even though i am not celiac is to avoid gluten and dairy seems to alieviate the nausea. Also everytime i get nausea and d i think i have a d&v bug which makes me worse as i am frightened of being sickk

Trust me even though you are not celiac you can be gluten and wheat intollerant just try it for 4 weeks also avoid dairy and fatty foods.

God bless everyone in time on this diet your symptoms WILL GET BETTER


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