Hello, my name is Rabia, I’m 23 years old, my story is when I’ve had stomach issues in my childhood but i didn’t take it seriously i always thought that it’s normal because i used to eat alot of junks etc, diarrhoea become a part of my life and I’m used to it seriously, my IBS turns worst recently in march 2022 in form of severe stomach ache and diarrhea sometimes constipation too, I was used to having diarrhea but this time this diarrhoea won’t let me go out for 5 minutes literally i can’t take a risk of 5 minutes to go out, i started miss my classes, i was taking medication but none of them worked, one day i started vomiting, and reallllll disastrous flow of diarrhea i immediately concern to a doctor they said you have IBS symptoms i took medication as he prescribed, Rest for a few days but after some days IBS attacked again this time more severely than ever, no medication, drips were working doctors said to me leave everything eating for few days eat something light, nausea, bloating, weakness, diarrhea effect badly i lose 4kg in a month, now I’m suffering from this taking pills which work sometimes, i eat one day and then after some hours i feel bloating then i skip my meal for about 1 or 2 days that’s my daily routine these days, But I’m hoping that it won’t get worst againnn

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