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To start of with I am a diabetic and take insulin on a daily basis. Back in 2007 I was dianosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome which took 2 years to come to this conculsion. Many trips back and forth to the doctors and many test. I never heard of it before but did alot of research on it since then. Then in 2008 I became diable, I have a rare disorder that effects the upper part of my back that had changed my life completely. There is not to much I can do and what I am able to do can only do for 5 to 15 minutes at a time depending on what it is. I am a very independant person that loves to do things for myself. I now don’t go anywhere without my husband. Can’t walk to far so bought a tread mill to help me with getting some exercise. Through the past few years I have other problems arrive that keep setting me back further and further. Now we come to the here and now. Last week I was diagnosed with Diabetic Gastroparesis. I never heard of it before. It is very rare in diabetics and I said to the doctor,I am getting used to things being rare. So he preceded to tell me what it was. I was totally devasted and thought this can’t be happening. He basiclly told me that I have to change my lifestyle. How much more do I have to give up.He told me to go to my dietisan and she will help me with what I have to do. Also get in tough with my diabetic care giver and my GP. Well that was a joke. I thought here we go again figuring things out for myself. I have been doing research now for a week,but everything I find is telling me what I can’t have and not what I can have. I have lost 6kg in a week. That is all well and good as I am a diabetic but am I getting all the nutriants that I need. I live in a country that does not have a big variety of food that I was used to in Canada . I am getting very frustrated but know that I have to fight this disorder and I will keep researching for answers as long as it takes me. So if anyone out there has more information and ideas it would be gladly appreciate.

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